Azure Information Protection simplifies document security, making it easier to keep business data safe no matter where it is and who it is shared with.

  • Manual, default, and mandatory document classification and consumption of classified documents
  • Automated and recommended data classification and support for automated rule sets
  • Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) that spans Azure Information Protection and Active Directory (AD) Rights Management for highly regulated scenarios
  • Protection for Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, and Microsoft OneDrive for Business content
  • Azure Information Protection scanner for automated classification, labeling, and protection of supported on-premises files
  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) for customer-managed key provisioning
  • Custom templates, including departmental templates
  • Protection for on-premises Exchange and SharePoint content via Azure Information Protection connector
  • Azure Information Protection software developer kit for all platforms— Windows, Windows Mobile, iOS, Mac OSX, and Android
  • Azure Information Protection connector with on-premises Windows Server file shares by using the File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) connector
  • Document tracking and revocation
  • Protection for non-Microsoft Office file formats, including PTXT, PJPG, and PFILE (generic protection)
  • Azure Information Protection content consumption by using work or school accounts from AIP policy-aware apps and services
  • Administrative control
  • MDM auto-enrolment, Self-service Bitlocker recovery, Additional local administrators to Windows 10 devices via Azure AD Join, Enterprise State Roaming

Azure Information Protection P1


Azure Information Protection P2


How Azure Information Protection secures your data

Azure Information Protection protects documents, emails, and sensitive company data through clever classification, permission settings, and encryption. Keeping everything safe within your businesses, and when shared with external contacts.

Data classification

Configure organisation policies to classify, label, and protect your data based on its sensitivity. Classification can be automated based on recommendations.

Configure organisation policies to classify, label, and protect your data based on its sensitivity. Classification can be automated based on recommendations.

Protection that follows your data

Classifications and protection stays with your data within and without your businesses. Documents are encrypted, with controlled access, on your OneDrive for Business, and Outlook integration means documents sent via email require the receiver to confirm their identity before opening.

Visible control

IT teams have access to detailed logging and reporting tools. Activities taken on data are visible, audtible, and access can be revoked at any time.

Safe collaboration

Define who can access data, their access rights (eg view, edit, share, or print), and how information is accessed by external contacts. The combined features of Azure Information Protection mean you can be re-assured your data is safe.

How does Azure Information Protection email encryption work?

One key aspect of Azure Information Protection encrypting emails, and attachments, when they leave your organisations. Both P1 and P2 work in the same way, delivering seamless, transparent, encryption.

  • An employee writes an email in Outlook, flagging the message as protected, or includes a protected document as an attachment.
  • Office 365 examines all outgoing emails. When one is found flagged for encryption, or with a protected document, the contents are placed on a secure Microsoft server.
  • Instead of receiving the original email, the recipient is sent a simple message informing them a secure message has been sent, and asking them to confirm their identity.
  • Recipients with Office 365 accounts can confirm their identity within Outlook, with the full message then being displayed.
  • Non-Office 365 recipients are directed to a secure Microsoft website where they can log in, or if needed create, a Microsoft account to confirm their identity and view the message online.

Azure Information Protection is included as standard in selected Office 365 services.

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Azure Information Protection

With Azure Information Protection you can classify and protect sensitive business documents, then share them securely with colleagues and external contacts.

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