The modern workplace isn’t a static office filled with desks, it’s people using the devices they choose in the locations they prefer, all connected by the cloud. With so much variety in working patterns, how can businesses control their data and keep it safe?

  • Azure Active Directory licence included
  • Enroll corporate and personal devices to provision settings, enforce compliance, and protect your corporate data.
  • Publish, configure, and update mobile apps on enrolled and unenrolled devices, and secure or remove app-associated corporate data
  • Extend management and security capabilities across users, devices, apps, and data, while preserving a rich, productive end-user experience
  • Centralize management of PCs, laptops, and mobile devices from a single administrative console, and produce detailed hardware and software configuration reporting
  • Extend your on-premises management to the cloud from a single console with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection integration for enhanced PC, Mac, Unix/Linux server, and mobile device administration
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Centrally manage single sign-on across all devices, on-site / remote datacenter, and the cloud
  • Strong sign-in authentication with verification options, including phone calls, text messages, or mobile app notifications, and use security monitoring to identify inconsistencies
  • Define policies that provide contextual controls at the user, location, device, and app levels to allow, block, or challenge user access
  • Protect apps and critical data in real time using machine learning and the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to block access when risk is detected
  • Monitor suspicious activity with reporting, auditing, and alerts, and mitigate potential security issues using focused recommendations
  • Provide each user access to server functions from multiple devices for a single fee
  • Information Protection
  • Encrypt sensitive data and define usage rights for persistent protection regardless of where data is stored or shared
  • Configure policies to automatically classify and label data based on sensitivity and then apply persistent protection
  • Monitor activities on shared data and revoke access in case of unexpected events
  • Choose default key management options or deploy and manage your own keys to comply with regulations
  • Identity-driven Security
  • Detect abnormal behavior in on-premises systems and identify advanced targeted attacks and insider threats before they cause damage
  • Gain visibility, control, and protection for your cloud-based apps, while identifying threats, abnormal usage, and other cloud security issues

Microsoft Intune


Enterprise Mobility + Security E3

  • Premium P1

Enterprise Mobility + Security E5

  • Premium P2

Protecting data and managing employee mobile devices

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) keeps your valuable business information safe in the real-world:

  • Flexible — Works with company devices, employee devices, and external devices
  • Granular — Define bespoke policies to control access to information to just those who need it
  • Efficient — Free up your IT team to work on other business needs

Protecting your Office 365 mobile environment

Opening up BYOD policies and mobile working practices brings risks for any organisation. Protect your wider Office 365 environment from any unforseendangers.

  • Enforce encryption for managed local app storage
  • Allow copy and paste only between managed apps
  • Restrict document saving to only secure locations
  • Remove corporate data from a mobile without affecting personal data

Desktop, on-site, mobile, cloud

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security isn’t only a mobile device management solution, it also improves on-site and desktop administration.

  • Manage desktop and mobile devices from one admin panel, including detailed reporting
  • Extend on-premises management to the cloud with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection integration

The perfect complement to our Office 365 services

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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Security

The most comprehensive cloud solution for securing your company data in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

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